Should You Use Viral Social Media

Should You Use Viral Social Marketing
Are you looking to expand your social media reach and captivate a larger audience?
How many followers do you currently have on your most active social media platform?
I’m comfortable standing apart from the crowd
Have you conducted market analysis to understand your target audience’s preferences and interests?
How frequently do you post on your social media account?
Are you willing to experiment with different types of content on your social media account?
How comfortable are you with being publicly visible on social media?
How do you feel about posting frequently on your social media account (8-10 times per day)?
Do you have a clear understanding of the interests and behaviors of your target audience?
Have you previously experienced significant organic growth on your social media account?
How open are you to trying new strategies and adjusting your approach based on data and results?
What is your primary goal for using the Viral Social Method?