About In2itive Biz Solutions

In2itive Biz Solutions is a
Different Kind of
Marketing Agency in Raleigh, NC. Some might even say we are a bit Magic.

Haley Gray


Hi there! I’m Haley Gray, the founder of In2itive Biz Solutions. I’m a Computer Programmer with over 25 years of experience, combined with a Duke MBA with a concentration in Entrepreneurship and Innovation.  Along the way, I’ve been walking down the path towards different healing modalities, including Reiki, and European Shamanism.

I like to mix those up together, to be able to deliver totally unique and novel solutions that are a special fit for each situation.

By taking our time with each client, we get to really know them, and we do our best to provide the best possible solutions for them so that their businesses get the right number of leads and clients coming through the door.

I’m also a mom to 4 kids, and a small petting zoo, including cats, a dog, fish, and a turtle, so there’s never a dull moment around here. 

By balancing many competing demands while growing my business, I’ve had first hand experience with figuring how to grow a business with a limited budget, but needing maximum impact. 

In fact, that is exactly how I grew my Facebook Group- the Women’s Entrepreneur Network to over 74,000 members organically. 

By combining a lot of practical know-how with intuition and understanding of how our clients work and think, I’m able to help them craft solutions that make sense and fill the gaps.